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Character Player Classes Revised
Johnny Everett Johnson Rptr,Sol 04-Sep-2006
Slip Amy 05-Sep-2006
Dollar* Parkway 06-Sep-2006
ICE* David Tigchelaar Mar,Snp 07-Sep-2006
Jet Christian Alipounarian Whl 07-Sep-2006
Apostle Christian Alipounarian Mar,Rptr 07-Sep-2006
Patch Max Saltonstall Sci 07-Sep-2006
Apex Christopher Smith Snp,Whl 11-Sep-2006
Taylor William Marlett Hak,Snp 17-Sep-2006
Loki Covah Hellchild Sol 29-Sep-2006
Oliver Spartan drew lambros Spctr,Sknt 02-Oct-2006
JJ JJ 02-Oct-2006
Quietus 02-Oct-2006
Rook* Ken Colman Ptm,Slu 03-Oct-2006
Umbra Andrew Wnuk Snp 04-Oct-2006
Corsair Joe Jungers Cntr,Ptm,Sco 04-Oct-2006
Tom Quinn* Paul Stockell Cntr,Flda,Hak,Snpr 04-Oct-2006
Grim Reaper craig sneesby Medc,Snpr 08-Oct-2006
Raven Raven 15-Oct-2006
Janet Hughes Dimka Cntr 17-Oct-2006
Leonidas Sol 19-Oct-2006
WhiteOut Darnel Jones Itr,Snp 20-Oct-2006
Mr Jones Darnel Jones Sol 20-Oct-2006
KW KillerWhale 23-Oct-2006
Nick O'Malley "Bl4ck... Justin Hamill 27-Oct-2006
Ice Cold Killa Danny James 30-Oct-2006
Hunter dabroom Sol 31-Oct-2006
Stingray Richard Whatley Trgr,Whl 01-Nov-2006
Benjamin James "Bish... Dave McAlister 03-Nov-2006
Wilbur Clayton Bush Ptm,Sol 04-Nov-2006
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