Character: Richard Lee

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Richard Lee (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Fixer, Intruder
Organizations: CORE - Freelancer
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: David Wu

Black hair
Brown eyes
Average build
Chinese extraction

Appearances vary according to mission parameters:
- People's Republic of China Colonel
- Deaf "pencil" seller
- Japanese consulate officer
- Nondescript scientist
- Hotel hospitality agent

He started as an Agency analyst with a Chemistry background and a subject matter focus in weapons smuggling, but was recruited for field work in order to get him closer to the intelligence sources.

After cutting his teeth through innumerable high-level briefings, he now has a very pragmatic, get-to-the-point style. Ever since the schism within the Agency, he's gone freelance and hasn't looked back. That's because sooner or later, everybody goes to Rick.

Notable Quotes:
"Down with Blair!"
"The mouse will rise again."

Notable Deeds:
Inciting a student protest/riot outside the British consulate in Germany.
Convinced a pair of guards that he bought the CD-MAS system.
Used a baggage claim to plant a bug.

Organization Detail:

CORE - Freelancer
Home Location:Rick's American Cafe
Notes:Your money's good at the bar.

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