Character: Darkwolf

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Darkwolf (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Intruder, Martial Artist, Soldier
Organizations: CORE
CORE - The Libramentum
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Jon Bradley

Black hair, blue eyes
Slightly muscular
Switzerland native

Has been know to use the following cover identities:
-- Interpol agent
-- A law enforcement official of whatever country the operation takes place

Swiss. Ex-military security specialist who is well-traveled, speaking many languages. Highly capable in electronics, mechanics, explosives and being sneaky including within crowds. Agile, intelligent, versatile. Capable driver in a number of vehicles, skydiver, outdoorsman.

Since the schism and forming of UNITAS, he has rejoined the Agency after being freelance. He has been known to work with the following operatives: Mirage, Gringa, Rick, Cypher, Beauty, The Doctor, Preacher, Corellian, Mendicant, Rook, Janitor (and his broom), and The Professor.

Notable Quotes:
Whenever an alarm sounds or enemies appear on a covert mission: "It's all gone bad!"
"When in doubt, let Mirage do the talking, especially if it's a woman." "There was a lock there?!"

Notable Deeds:
Should have died twice (Fashion Victim, Revolution), Survived the Terrotory schism, Saved Air Force One, Survived a Skydiving Accident/Failed Parachute Opening, Jumped Through a Stargate Twice, Survived Numerous Encounters W/Faceless, Disabled a Bomb in Record Time (finished w/30 seconds on clock), Kidnapped a Professor Without Notice or Incident, Dove to the Greatest Depths in Liquid Scuba Gear, Ran With the Bulls in Pamplona, Defeated Tranquility 6, Helped Rick to incite riot outside British Consulate in Berlin, Parachuted on to a Flatbed Truck traveling at high speed then landed w/o being noticed, Helped Disable a Nuke, Bullrushed Soldiers w/Minivan, Whipped Henchman Off Boat Then Shot Him w/Flare Gun (Rick helped with this one)

Organization Detail:

Home Location:Vienna, possibly?
Notes:With numerous safe houses around the world, it is difficult to choose which is my home base.

CORE - The Libramentum

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