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wind (Male)
Retired from play 13-Nov-2008
Ops Style: Kung Fu Master
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Steven Johnson

Danny is easily the most attractive guy in whatever room he walks into. His platinum blonde hair and athletic appearance are only enhanced by the incredibly expensive suits he wears, and the fact that he lives in the top 3 floors of the chrysler building (his company purchased it from chrysler in 2001).
for all his attractiveness, however, Danny has a real problem trusting people; it's his sincere belief that most people simply want to use his for his appearance, his skills, or his money. this has made him pretty bitter for such a young man.

Wind grew up in a remote monastery in the perched atop one of the highest mountain ranges in tibet. trained, as were all the monks there, in the martial arts, Wind especially took to it. He felt happy, and at peace there. all of that changed, however, when he discovered that the monks who had raised him had watched his parents freeze to death when they couldn't reach a decision about what to do about them. Wind left that night. several years of drifting later brought him to Hong Kong and the underground fights there. using the training he recieved at the monastery, he was easily able to defeat anyone thrown in his path, including several high ranking members of the nine tigers organization. impressed with his prowess, he was approached about joining their organization. not really being in the mood to join anything, however, he told them to piss off.
such an insult is not suffered lightly by someone like the Khan, however. the police were tipped off to the underground fighting club where Wind fought, with the idea that they would be able to pick him off in prison at their leisure. UNITAS, however, swooped in and got him first, offering service in exchange for not serving a rather lengthy prison sentence. agreeing, wind was placed in the shadow academy, where he learned the basics of his tradecraft. it was also discovered during this time that he was the sole inheritor of Rand Industries, the company that had been founded by his grandfather (the company has resisted repeated attempts from within, as well as pressure from without, to go public.)
Danny is still trying to adjust to the fact that he's one of the wealthiest men in america.

Notable Deeds:
he once punched someone off a motorcycle while driving 90 down the interstate.

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