Character: Freight Train

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Freight Train (Male)
Ops Style: Wake me for Gunfire
Classes: Soldier, Triggerman
Organizations: CORE
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Teos Abadia

Freight Train is a blacker than black Blaxploitation-style hustler-player-hard-core-Mutha-F...

As cool and calm when bustin' caps in a firefight or driving the latest spy-gadget vehicle as he is with the ladies, Freight Train is one smooth operator. There is no such thing as pressure, just his righteous anger (the Man is everywhere) and silky-smooth style.

Well known by the ladies, this cool cat has it all going on.

A street hustler in his youth, 'Train made it out of the ghetto ("I neva left", he cries) with the help of a female spy he happened to 'make aquaintances with'. She showed him a world where he could put his skills to use, and he's never looked back. That he keeps seeing crazy white men create evil organizations is just icing on his righteous cake. Down with the Man!

Notable Quotes:
"See, watcha wanna do with a fly lady is just go up to her and say, 'Baby, the way you be turnin' me on and $*@&#, I wanna freak ya.'"

"Yo Nighthawk, you pulling more of your white boy $H*#&@, now. You know 'dis, right?"

Notable Deeds:
"What, like bad-ass gunplay, crazy-wheel drivin', and that female I rocked last night ain't enough? A'it, I also saved the world."

Organization Detail:


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