Character: Pendulum

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Pendulum (Male)
Ops Style: Talker
Classes: Pointman, Sniper
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Scott Stokes

Alex Claren, Alias Pendulum, is 5-11, has brown hair and blue eyes. He has an ever lasting smile and never seems to stress about anything.

He has had a good life, so good one would wonder why he lives such a dangerous life. He has money and his career a NASCAR Promoter, he has never has to worry about having a the good things in life. But here he is in the dark trenches helping king, President, and anyone else who pays. He does not take any jobs that go against what he believes are in the best interest of the free world.

Notable Quotes:
"We are with the FCC, Don't mess with your cable box."

Notable Deeds:
Shot down a Helicopter with a single shot from his Snipier Rifle. Wow what a shot.

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