Character: Gentry

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Gentry (Male)
Ops Style: Talker
Classes: Con Artist, Faceman, Fixer, Sleuth
Organizations: Freelance
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Loren Dean

Gentry is a dapper old man, with a full mustache and hair going salt-and-pepper. An intimidator to the bone, he enters any room like he owns it, or at the very least owns the owner. Perpetually well dressed, with a stare that still unnerves men and an old-school Texan charm that still undoes women, he is everything a veteran agent should be.

Rarely has the term "old dog" been more meaningful than when it is used to describe Gentry. Well into his fifties, water-cooler gossip holds that he did a tour in Vietnam back in the day. Various rumors connect him to major crime syndicates in Europe and South America, a gun-running ring operating throughout the former Eastern Bloc, old-money Gulf Coast oil interests, and the "consulting" staff for any number of politicians, American and otherwise. His mission history (or at least the parts that most people are cleared for) runs back decades, well into the height of the Cold War, and appears to indicate that the halls of the powerful are where he does his best work.

Bottom line, though, is that nobody really *knows* much about him. He's been in the game for as long as anybody alive can remember, and nobody's ever asked too close--any operative alive as long as Gentry is bound to dislike being asked too many questions about his history. Even his closest associates don't know his real name, calling him Gentry as though it was the name he was born to.

Gentry was working as a mission officer when the Consortium melted down. He had to both shoot his way out of a Consortium installation when harsh words turned violent, and extract his team from their current assignment, which had gone from a simple snoop job to a full-bore firefight as a result of cross-divisional communications interrupts. He managed both with ruthless efficiency, and this kept him on the rader of CORE, who now contract him for jobs that require a steady hand under intense pressure.

Notable Quotes:
On a dead guard's radio: "I will continue to kill men in this facility until I speak to its commander."

On the phone: "Bill? It's me. Remember that time in Monte Carlo with the twelve-year old and the heroin? That marker's come due."

Notable Deeds:
Brought down five terrorist gunmen in the middle of a Jakarta casino before his backup could arrive.

Doubled back after completion of his team's objective in order to finish seducing the English Duchess the team had used to cover their escape.

Organization Detail:

Home Location:Somewhere involving women and wagering
Notes:Fealty has never been a strong point with Gentry. He prefers loyalty.

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