Character: Adrastus

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Adrastus (Male)
Ops Style: Wake me for Gunfire
Classes: Soldier
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: James Stewart

Adrastus is a young man of average build. Very little about him seems worth noticing, and until it is time to act, he blends seamlessly into most crowds.

Adrastus was born and grew up on the rough streets of southern Boston. A dedicated Southie, he ran with his crew until he was busted by the cops. Faced with a sympathetic judge who offered him the military instead of prison he joined the Marine Corps. Serving with distinction he came to the attention of his superiors and finally the CIA. Now retired from the CIA and the Marine Corps he works with UNITAS as a freelancer.

Notable Quotes:
"Silly me thinking I wouldn't need a machine gun."
"Can I just shoot him in the face now?"

Notable Deeds:
Almost got the living **** blown out by a terrorist truck bomb.
What do you do when the stormtroopers are rappelling into the apartment? Dive out the window, grab their rope and gtfo.

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