Character: Brother

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Brother (Male)
Ops Style: Sits in Van
Classes: Snoop
Organizations: CORE - The Libramentum [Knights Libramentis]
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Ian MacDougall

Brother looks like the mix between a stereotypical 50’s movie reporter and detective. He wears a cheap suit and an overused tan overcoat. A cigarette is usually dangling from his lip. He is a regular smoker, and tends to chain-smoke while he’s analyzing any data. At those times, a cloud of smoke is usually seen hanging over his head.

When he’s not working, Brother can usually be found reading a classic novel or dining at a fine restaurant. Brother is a gourmand, and only his excellent metabolism keeps him from becoming an overweight menace. He loves good food, and will gladly tell anyone. An avid reader of Food and Wine Magazine, he also knows of all the good restaurants and good chefs. Dining with Brother is never a bland experience. His love of food carries over to his vocabulary. He refers to preliminary fact finding assignments as the amuse bouche of the mission. One chilling story was, after a mission with a tough knife fight that ended with his opponent castrated, Brother calmly referred to the incident in his debriefing as turning a rooster into a capon.

Brother tells himself that he is a fan of classic literature, but that is not true. He does not like classical work, but rather he enjoys the books that jumpstarted genres. When he reads spy novels, he doesn’t read Tom Clancy, but rather Ian Fleming. When he reads mysteries, he doesn’t read James Patterson, but rather Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes is, in fact, his favorite character in literature.

Brother graduated from Virginia Tech one year early and near the top of his class with a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, and took a job at the NSA’s Cryptography department, both making and cracking codes. Shown to be highly skilled at not only this, but analyzing cracked data, he was quickly moved up the ranks. Around this time, the Libramentum extended him an invitation to join their august ranks. Seeing a comraderie in his and their views, Brother couldn't help but say yes. Brother became one of the Libramentum’s “Bugmen,” in charge of placing, monitoring, and analyzing bugs. He was set up with a position as an independent reporter for access to different places, and he has maintained that position ever since.

Notable Quotes:
"There are three things you must remember when planting bugs. First, they must not be easily found. Second, you must place them in range of our monitoring station. Lastly, and most importantly, you must always remember to--OOOH, room service is here!"

Notable Deeds:
Participated in the infamous Arak Nuclear Septic Tank Incident

Organization Detail:

CORE - The Libramentum
Rank:Knights Libramentis

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