Character: Mustang

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Mustang (Male)
Ops Style: Talker
Classes: Faceman
Organizations: CORE
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Jose Telmo

A 28 year old californian actor that loves gambling, tourism, girls and making others believing in what they see and hear from him. He dislikes to use guns on missions, instead, he prefers the fatal possibilities of his acts.

Loves to collect identities as one loves to buy clothes. He now uses de identities of:
Serge Nixon, Pamplona, Spain
Henry Davenport, Sidney, Australia

Notable Quotes:
"I only speak, believing in me is just a consequence."
"I don´t need money... I need only an instant of attention."

Notable Deeds:
• Defeated Tranquility Six
• Helped Magi and Firefox
• Winner of Gold Coast World Poker Tournament (as Serge Nixon)

Organization Detail:


Home Location:Los Angeles, USA

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