Character: The Devil

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The Devil (Male)
Retired from play 13-Nov-2008
Ops Style: Talker
Classes: Advocate, Politico
Organizations: CORE
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Avattar

A man of many secrets, adaptable and meticulous. Armed with strong willpower and an absolute certainty of what need to be done, this mysterious man is carving his name in the Halls of Power.

In his past, The Devil worked in a sector of KGB, whose specialty was obtain resources to covert and assassination operations. Money proved to be the most deadly weapon even in a Comunist environment.
Years later, when captalism finally made its way through the former URSS and new economy and politcs demanded the dissolution of KGB, The Devil take some of that resources and made his way to western Europe, where he nearly dissapear, just to came back years later working as a freelancer to UNITAS as a way to clean his hands of his former job.

Notable Quotes:
"There are no easy paths to power, but all paths are easy when you have it."
"There is only two ways to do this: MY way, or the wrong way..."

Notable Deeds:
His most notable deeds are to be as supportive to his team as possible.

Organization Detail:


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