Character: Sable

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Sable (Female)
Ops Style: What Lock?
Classes: Intruder
Organizations: UNITAS [Freelancer]
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Leonardo Parracho

Seraphine Lyon was a dauther problem when she was young , never recived any attention from her over worked rich parents , her father Luc Lyon is the owner of an security industry and used to send Seraphine in lots of trips over the europe , north america and asia, there with her wild spirit for adventure and her love for jewels she learned to decieve and steal from an italian boyfriend, and started to enter in the crime world, stealing museums and famous jewelerys, once she was arrested in a failed lacerny and her father took her out from interpol jail but deserted her from the family, without money and family back up she started once again to steal, thats when the UNITAS started to contract her as a freelancer spy...

Notable Quotes:
"Pourquoi sable? Parce que le sable peut aller n'importe où."

Notable Deeds:
• Defeated Tranquility Six

• Helped Magi and Firefox

• Rescued Blackjack From Project Blitzgrieg

Organization Detail:

Home Location:Paris, France

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