Character: Lady

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Lady (Female)
Ops Style: Talker
Classes: Con Artist, Faceman, Martial Artist, Scientist
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Rob Edwards

Has a tendency towards dark hair and dark eyes. But not always.

It seems likely that Lady worked for MI6 and DISO before joining UNITAS, because she is probably English. Unless she's not. She rarely uses the same name twice, and the background she claims changes sometimes daily. Rumours have it that even her superiors aren't entirely sure who she actually is, and it's possible even she's not sure.

Probably the only reason she has not been put away in an institution is that she is good at what she does (mostly confusing people), and has a tendency to get results in unconventional ways.

Notable Quotes:
"I would introduce myself, but I don't know who I am yet."

Notable Deeds:
She will tell you them all, but they can't all be true can they?

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