Character: Hawk

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Hawk (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Snoop
Organizations: INTERPOL
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Thomas Stevens

Falk dresses in a frumpy out of date clothes, and wears whatever seems practical (and cheap) to him at the time. Most of his clothes are purchased at yard sales. His brown hair is unkempt though often concealed under an out of date fedora.
His brown eyes look tired and worn, and he often has the look of someone who is very tired and sleep deprived.

Simon Falk applied for a simple police department position, and he didn't really expect to get it. However, he showed remarkable problem solving skills, and a good knowledge of criminology. So despite his rumpled appearance, and a certain laziness, he was hired. He did well enough to make up for his lax paperwork, and failure to follow certain standards. But this prevented his promotion for several years.
Finally, seeing his potential, a young up and coming criminal genius named Michael Bronch tried to lure him into a new budding organization. Interpreting his lazy and slovenly nature as apathy, Bronch felt he could easily take in this rather intelligent cop as a spy. Falk seemed to fall for it, and within a few weeks, had enough info to stop Bronchs entire criminal empire in it's tracks. Bronch and all of his lieutenants were arrested and convicted. A few corrupt officials were brought in.
This made some people want to promote him, but where do you place someone in law enforcement who's excellent in the field, but completely incapable of doing paperwork or of interacting well with top brass. He's an embrasment politically, a bueracratic nightmare, and a field genius. Hence his recruitment into a slightly 'different' orginization.
Hopefully the fact that Michael Bronch has just escaped from prison with vengence on his mind, will not affect this newfound promotion.

Notable Quotes:
"I've got that around here somewhere"
"I'm sorry, could you repeat your master plan again, I was napping."

Entire report for complex incident reads "Caught bad guys. Arrested them"

Notable Deeds:
Bringing down the empire of Michael Bronch. Nearly burned alive rescuing civilians.

Organization Detail:


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