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Whitefire (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Intruder, Wheelman
Organizations: CORE: Circuit
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Charlie Mehl

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Age: 25
Hair: Redish Blonde
Eyes: Blue-Green
Description: Tall and Muscular, He almost always has a smile. Enjoys wearing Hawaiian Shirts or Designer T-shirts with humorous Japanese art or advertising underneath his low profile armored leather racing jacket. Most often can be found wearing designer jeans or leather racing pants as well when he isn't in formal wear. Favorite accessories include his sunglasses and a metal briefcase where he hides his assault rifle behind its usual facade. The words "Just In" are engraved on the name plate.

Johnny started out life as an Army Brat, jumping from base to base. He was home-schooled for most of his youth until he enlisted in the service when he graduated. Serving a full tour during the Gulf War, he ended up stationed in Tokyo after the engagements were over and eventually fell into the world of Drift Racing and Yakuza once he was released. He spent a few years as a paid racer for one of the local factions until he accidentally got caught up in a chain of events that led CORE to him. A Freelance agent, Whitefire is a driver for hire, using his experience with both to aid the agents on their missions. He has a flair for the dramatics and enjoys getting the biggest and most powerful of everything, including cars.

Notable Quotes:
"What do you mean we aren't gonna need a tank?!"
"Just tell 'em we're filming for Transformers II."
"Finally, I have the appropriate tools at hand..."

Notable Deeds:
-Somehow ended up in a mission with a bunch of senior agents and survived while still managing to make himself useful.
-Jumped a blockade of gangsters with a pizza truck modified with bullet proof windows.
-Took out a truck full of terrorists and a motorcyclist during a car chase on a crowded interstate while protecting two girls w/ only his car and a pistol.
-managed to impress a russian military unit enough to get them to secure an enemy base in Antarctica while still maintaining his cover.
-saved the president from an evil clone
-Brought not one, but two aircraft to landing safely when their pilot crew ended up dead or had left. (one of these being Air force One)
-Frequently uses his car to open doors... through the walls more often than not.

Organization Detail:

CORE: Circuit
Home Location:Las Vegas, Tokyo, or Miami depending on the season
Notes:Formerly affiliated with the U.S. Army

Formerly affiliated with Yakuza

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