Character: John Riley

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John Riley (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Lawman, Soldier
Organizations: Riley International Solutions [owner]
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Steven Johnson

John has all the standard physical characteristics of an action movie hero: blue eyes, black hair, square jaw, and a well-toned frame from years of exercise. also like action movie heroes, his personal life is in a state of disarray: he has a string of ex-lovers, quite a few of whom are deceased. with few friends or lasting social connections of any sort, John tends to live for his work.

A former member of the United States Army, John was as highly decorated as a peacetime soldier could be, but he wanted to see action. Leaving the army when his contract expired, John worked odd jobs for a few months before being tentatively offered a position in one of the Consortium's executive action teams. jumping at the chance, John quickly became a veteran of the "shadow war", fighting terrorists, mad scientists, and all manner of, as he puts it, "James Bond sh*t". John saw the schism in the consortium coming long before it happened, and he decided to leave. he floated around for a bit before deciding to start his own private military corporation, or PMC. It wasn't until after the schism that John was contacted by CORE and offered a job. he initially declined, but did offer his services on a case by case basis.

Organization Detail:

Riley International Solutions
Home Location:Portland, Oregon
Notes:Riley International Solutions is the private military company that John started after leaving the Consortium. it has offices in London, Moscow, Venice, and Bosnia.

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