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Crucible (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Explorer, Faceman, Pointman, Soldier
Organizations: Freelance
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Jay Kent

Name: Classified

Known aliases: Lorenzo de la Vega ("Enzo"), James McNeil Langley ("Whistler"), Benjamin Highstreet ("Starter")

D.O.B: Classified (appears mid 20's)

Birthplace: Classified (idiolect suggests West Coast)

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 145

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Agent Crucible is known for being a tall, lean figure who favors somewhat stylish but plain black clothing, occasionally a matching leather trench coat, with a perpetually concerned expression on his face, and somewhat desperate manner in times of stress, and appears to be attempting to avoid notice at all other times. His only other consistently distinguishing feature is his armament, a Model .500 revolver, which he keeps in pristine condition and seems to regard as sacred in some way.

While unassuming, The Crucible is hardly quiet, and leads his team with an overriding sense of urgency, and while non-confrontational, he is not cowardly, and will stand by the Soldiers and Explorers when the fighting breaks out. Known to be anomalously resilient, though whether by sheer force of will or physical toughness is uncertain.

The Crucible "is not at liberty" to discuss his background, his loyalty belonging to the NeoCapital Corporation, which has disclosed little more about the nervous Pointman from Los Angeles.

The NCC keeps its motivations and goals secret, but has recently begun contracting a few Agents (Crucible included) to CORE. The Corporation has been thus far reluctant to get involved in politics (suggesting their interests lie primarily elsewhere), and is picky about its contracts, but assures CORE that Crucible, though young, is promising, and if he is treated well (and not sent to die), CORE can expect a bigger commitment from the NCC.

Crucible himself occasionally alludes to (and exhibits evidence of) being shot in the past "a few times," accounts ranging from seven to thirty-four by various eyewitnesses. If true, this would explain his somewhat victimized demeanor, and is consistent with his uncanny resiliency. Ironically, though put upon, he is not unkind, and has no known personal enemies except his own fortune. In fact, for all his innovation and creativity, he seems to only just outrun his abhorrent luck.

His unusual mentality and approach, reputedly common among NCC stock, puts him in a confusing relationship with his squad. He appears to be close friends with Sly, the squad's Sleuth. He also maintains amicable rapport with the group's Counterterrorist, Bebop, but harbors a volatile love-hate relationship with Hot Rod, the designated Wheelman, whom he criticizes for morale issues, but to whom he owes his life. He is also vehemently protective of the group's new arrival, a rookie Explorer called D'eon. Despite all this, he has walked out on his entire team in disgust on a few occasions, and exhibits no compunctions against chastising them freely.

Crucible is an Agent of the NCC, and though employed, is considered a Freelancer by CORE standards, with the Corporation functioning as his "freelance network."

Notable Quotes:
"He's a nice guy. That's about all I can say for him." --Heretic

"'Crucible' must be jargon for 'easy target' at the NCC." --Brother

"Someone asked me why he carries a five-shot revolver into a firefight. I told them he doesn't like to repeat himself. I may never know what the real reason is, but I was proud of what I said at the time." --Heartbreak

"He IS a nice guy. He's just...not above solving his problems with a sniper rifle, that's all." --Ballistic

"People tell me that at my age, they thought they knew everything. I'd give anything for that kind of certainty." --Crucible

"Ahh, don't torture him, he just gets all gloomy." --Scratch

"WWCD?" --HotRod

"Ow...did I get blown up again?" --Crucible

"That's it. I've had enough of this. Tactics, security, discretion, this mission, forget it. I am killing this person. I'm going in there and blowing her head off. Right now." --Crucible

"She blasted him with a shotgun twice from two feet away. Then he killed her. That's how tough Crucible is." --Balleraphon

Notable Deeds:
-Survived a direct blast from a tractor-trailer loaded with ANFO explosives

-Survived a direct blast from an exploding cafe

-Survived two consecutive, direct (critical) shotgun blasts

-Staged the elaborate kidnapping of an arms dealer, subsequently executing him by "mistake"

-Staged the capture of a live suspect from a room full of people with no witnesses, expending a grand total of one tranquilizer dart the entire mission

-Convinced a cornered suspect not to initiate a gadget attack simply by asking nicely

-Staged the defeat of the freelancer group Tranquility 6 without a fight

-Forced a standoff to disarm by threatening a briefcase

-Joined Agent Sly in a charge directly into a bonfire

-Staged the escape from a maximum security nuclear facility under more than forty guns with no shots fired

-Believed to be responsible for the Arak nuclear incident

-Led his squad in a second-story autodefenestration

-Caused and survived the destruction of Dr. Mandilov's yacht by a satchel charge

-While becoming a victim of explosive decompression is hardly an accomplishment, surviving the experience is widely regarded as such, and given popularity to the term "getting Crucibled"

-Disabled an automated gatling turret with a wet bedsheet

Organization Detail:

Home Location:Los Angeles
Notes:Agent Crucible is one of a small group of agents on contract to CORE from the NeoCapital Corporation (NCC), and is, functionally speaking, considered a Freelancer.

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