Character: Hot Rod

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Hot Rod (Female)
Ops Style: Drives the Van
Classes: Wheelman
Organizations: CORE: Circuit
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Cristin Cadigan

Hot Rod is about 5'8", with short, spiky blonde hair and green eyes. Slender but with a fair amount of muscle on her arms and shoulders from working on cars all day. Typically she wears a beat up pair of jeans with a hole in the knee and tons of pockets, a wifebeater and a black leather motorcycle jacket (but only when it's cold). The rest you'll have to see for yourself.

Born Elizabeth Marie Holden, Hot Rod's parents were stringent, to say the least. Very strict Southern Baptists, they expected their three daughters to adhere to their religious orthodoxy with rigor. Hot Rod, on the other hand, wasn't such a fan of skirts and dresses and Sunday school. She was much more interested in climbing trees, video games, taking things apart and putting them back together again, and riding her jeans. At the age of sixteen her parents disowned her after catching her with a boy. Rather than go into a foster home, Hot Rod got a job at a local auto shop. Ridiculed for being the only girl, she got them all to stop laughing by being the best and the fastest when it came to auto repair. She picked up street racing and by the time she was twenty, she'd saved enough for her own custom ride. Hot Rod drives a 2008 purple Camaro...named Zelda. The paint job includes a golden Triforce on each side of the car, the Master Sword in the stone on the trunk, and her taillights look like Navi the Faery. All the custom work on the interior, exterior and engine were all done by Hot Rod. Her street racing abilities coupled with her knack for repair eventually earned her a better job, and the attention of CORE.

She awoke from a year long cryogenic induced sleep, only to find that a clone of her has been running around the past year. She has finally dealt with her clone by terminating it.

Notable Quotes:
"What the fuck is going on here?!?!"

"Gun it."

"Over here Agent Slick I mean Slim I mean SLY!"

"Jesus Christ that hurt!"

"Pick on someone your own size bitch!"

"See Crucible? I didn't go all to pieces on you this time."

Notable Deeds:
At the poker tournament at the Gold Coast Hotel (Mission: Double Tap), Hot Rod managed to pull of a triumphant win and took second place.

Survived a direct blast from a plastic bomb, and still managed to win a car chase.

Achieved the SpyMaster Moment "Wind Walker" - see Travel Log.

Participated in a successful assasination of a world leader. Slammed into the back of a semi and took NO damage from either the truck or the four men inside it shooting at her.

Organization Detail:

CORE: Circuit

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