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Spymaster is an OP game, fan driven and fan run (and fan service...wait...that's not right. Anyway).

In practice, that means that the whole shebang goes under without fan contribution. Playing the game and putting Spycraft into the hands of new players is probably the most important place to start, but campaign content is going to be the real make-or-break for the campaign.

So consider this your call. Your big shout-out. Your moment to step up and make something happen. Got a mission idea? Great! Write it up. We can provide you templates and pacing help (and some proofreading/editing support), and you can get your vision into print.

Q: Where do I get Templates and Outlines for writing Missions?

A: Checkout the Writers Pack in the Downloads area.

Q: So how much stuff do you need?

A: At the time of its demise, the previous OP Spycraft offering (which shall remain nameless out of respect for the deceased) was putting out about one mission per month. Since most active groups were running a monthly gameday, that pace was about right, and it's one Spymaster would love to come to emulate. In practice, that means we've got loads of room in the schedule. So everybody's got a shot.

Q: So I've got an idea, but it's not really complete. It's more like a single chase scene through Venice on speedboats. It's a cool idea, and I'd love to write it and show it off to a playing population, but I'm not sure how to hang a whole mission on it. So...what can I do with that?

A: Don't bother hanging a whole mission on it. Write your big chase as a single-scene mission. The Previous OP game (should we call it POP? Some kind of odd father reference there--but we digress) featured missions that tended to fall into a three-scene mold: Some kind of Introduction scene (either preceded or followed by an Intel phase), an Investigation scene, and a Boss Fight scene of some sort. While that's all fine and good, it's certainly not the only way to write a mission.

Consider creating a mission that's just one scene. The Agents get a briefing, some preset gear, and off they go right into the action. There's your boat chase in Venice, just like that, and it's a complete (if slightly shorter) mission.

The big trick here is just to start writing. Far too many potential authors have a great idea, but they can't spin an outline around it in their head, so it stays forever in their head. Just start writing up the single idea, and you'll likely be surprised at how much outline actually creates itself as you go along. Your Venice boat-chase may well turn into a two-scene mission (the Agents are chasing someone someplace, after all, so something should happen when they get there), and that's just fine.

Q: What if all I've got is an outline, and I've got no idea how to make it any bigger?

A: You've got two options, really. One, you could put a shout-out onto the forums and see if you can find a collaborator. Sometimes one guy's got a cool story idea, and another guy can whip the mechanics up like nothin', but neither one can do both. If you're gaming peanut butter, find you some chocolate and together create a tasty mission.

Alternately, you can just release it as an outline. As long as it's got some semblance of story, NPC stats, and an XP rewards section, it can see release as a Level Alpha Mission (see the Rules tab to the left for details). There's room for writers at every level. So don't be afraid.

Q: Man, I wish I had an idea to write.

A: You probably do. This is the great thing about the players in this kind of campaign. Many of us are just a shade older than the entry-level RPGer, and have had home game experiences we've loved. And many of us are quite willing to share "war stories" about great home games past. OP games offer the potential author the opportunity to take the next step--a real honest chance at finally sharing his most awesomest home-game moments with a wider audience.

Just figure out what made it so cool, and then write it up as a mission other people can deal with. Share your stories in way other people can experience, not just listen to you describe. That's magic, right there.

Q: Who do I talk to to say I've got a mission to write?

A: Check the Masterminds & Henchmen link to the left. Or just post on the forums--not your whole idea, just that you've got an idea.

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