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Official Spymaster Communication Channels:

Players Mailing List -- An ad-hoc discussion and commentary list for Spymaster players and coordinators!
Campaign Coordinators Mailing List -- A discussion list for Spymaster coordinators and volunteers.
Spymaster Forums -- Various and sundry forums for discussion!

Additional Community Groups:

AZ_LSPY -- Arizona Living Spycraft gaming questions, mission set ups, mission discussions, etc.
BayArea-LSpy -- A group for coordinating Living Spycraft games in the Bay Area.
LSpyINLA -- Living Spycraft for players to organize games and find other players in the Los Angeles area.
Game-Utah -- A group for promoting and organizing social gaming in Utah.
LSPY_NOVA -- A place for players of the Living Spycraft Campaign in the Northern Virginia/Maryland Area to meet up, organize and promote the campaign.

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