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Spymaster the Organized Role-Playing Game Campaign (ORC) is a communal creation, forged by the choices of thousands of players, directors, mission creators, and game designers across the globe. Although Spycraft the RPG is a product of Crafty Games, the Spymaster campaign is driven by Volunteers. This section is intended to help explain basic questions about Spymaster.
What Is a Role-Playing Game (RPG)?

In a role-playing game, players can undertake great challenges, explore new horizons, and overcome fearsome villains. Your imagination is the limit. Every player creates a "character" tracked on a piece of paper. This imaginary person is how you, the player, interacts with an imaginary world. It is the "role" that you play during the game. Like an actor or actress who plays a role on stage, when you sit down to play, you are pretending to be your character. One of the players assumes the role of "Game Control" or GC--also known as the Game Judge. Think of the GC as the narrator to a story or the director of a play. You and your fellow players are the main characters, while the GC takes the role of the villains and the supporting cast. Also, the GC sets the scene and creates obstacles for you to overcome. It's a tough job and requires an incredible imagination, but a GC weaves great games the way good authors write good books.

How do you win? Well, role-playing is a team game. There is no one winner all the players win together. When does the game stop? Well, when the story is finished. That can be as short or as long as you and the other players want it to be.

What Is an Organized Role-Playing Game Campaign (ORC) and SAGE?

The purpose of an Organized RPG Campaign (ORC) is to provide a framework where players can participate in a single campaign that is orchestrated globally, allowing for player movement from table to table across the globe, sharing time and experiences with old and new players alike. ORC games are not restricted to large events, they can be the same group of old buddies you have played with for the last 20 years, or they can be played by different players at monthly gamedays where you get to meet new players every game! The design of an ORC is meant to include both formats of play.

SAGE™ is the Society for Adventure Gaming Enthusiasts. At this point in time it is more of an idealized concept than an organization--a means to coordinate Organized Play type games across multiple companies and campaigns. SAGE is beginning by designing a set of rules that can be used for any Role Playing Game (RPG) in an Organized Play or Living Campaign format, regardless of rules system.

Spymaster is an official SAGE-ORC Campaign and membership to play Spymaster is free.

Cool! How can I help?

Glad you asked! Spymaster is a volunteer organization and always needs help. Full information may be found in the How To section.

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