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Agents Thwart assassination
(18-Oct-2008) by Ansel
Agents are put on alert for heightened activity from Logo. CORE agents successfully thwarted an assassination of the creative director for a popular animated movie which portrayed Logo in a bad light. This movie featured a cute robot trying to cleanup earth from its downfall brought on by Logo through its retail chain which had taken over the world. While CORE does not think the assassination was planned by the upper echelons of Logo, they do believe it was zealous lower management, although any evidence directly linking them is sketchy at best.
Terrorist activity in Africa
(18-Oct-2008) by Ansel
Eco-Liberation Front Terrorists have been sighted shadowing WHO grain shipments in Africa. Everybody is asked to keep a close eye on things and watch for further developments.
Abandoned Genetics Lab Discovered
(18-Oct-2008) by Ansel
Agents have discovered an underground Genetics Lab deep in the heart of Minsk, Belarus. In this lab were experiments in various stages of examination, all centered around rapid manipulation of DNA. While most experiments were on animals, some human remains were also discovered. The lab has been abandoned for several months. Local police are working with the UN to help identify the remains, hoping to link them to a rash of missing people reports over the last year.
Consortium Resources go dark
(18-Oct-2008) by Ansel
More Consortium facilities continue to go dark. CORE is trying to locate and identify all Consoritum facilities. However, more frequently than not as these facilities are found, Agents are discovering that somebody has arrived at them first, and they have been gutted.
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