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Mission Downloads

Mission downloads are available from the Mission List page. Just click on the mission of choice and if the download is available, it will appear with a link.

Typically documents are released as PDF or Open Office (OD*). Because Spymaster is an open community driven campaign, and everybody willing to contribute in the world may not have a commercial word processor, where Open Office is freely available to all without any strings attached.

Other Downloads

Character Documentation for Spymaster Characters
The Character Sheet, Journal and Dossier
» v1.8 - ODS 242KB(6.1 seconds)  12-Oct-2008 
» v1.8 - PDF 249KB(6.2 seconds)  12-Oct-2008 
Iconic Characters
Pre-made Fast-Play Characters
» v1 - PDF 316KB(7.9 seconds)  31-Aug-2006 
Iconic Characters (CORE)
Pre-made Fast-Play Characters with IC flavor as CORE Dossiers. Submitted by Loren Dean.
» v1 - PDF 888KB(22.2 seconds)  02-Mar-2007 
Master Rules Document
This is the Players Campaign Rulebook for Spymaster.
» LINK   15-Aug-2006 
Spymaster Writers Pack
All the bits to be a Mission Writer in Spymaster
» v3.2 - ZIP bytes(0.0 seconds)  31-Dec-1969 

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