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Year 9 Name Rating Character Played Author(s) Release Dates
SPY9-B01: From Rwanda with Love ElLoboGordo Jan-2009
Year 8
SPY8-B04: The Panama Kill Ansel Dec-2008
SPY8-B03: Tiger Team Ansel Nov-2008
SPY8-B02: Executive Order Ansel Oct-2008
SPY8-B01: Shadow Ansel Oct-2008
Year 7
SPY7-07: Threading the Needle Argonnite Aug-2007, Sep-2007, Oct-2007
SPY7-05: Lights Out Desertpuma Jun-2007, Jul-2007, Aug-2007
SPY7-04: The Watchmen JasonBP May-2007, Jun-2007, Jul-2007
SPY7-03: A Dish Best Served Cold freelancer76 Apr-2007, May-2007, Jun-2007
SPY7-02: Tundra Desertpuma Mar-2007, Apr-2007, May-2007
Year 6
SPY6-08: Paying Your Dues Simon Jones Nov-2006, Dec-2006
SPY6-07: Dr. M Andreas Zimmermann Oct-2006, Nov-2006
SPY6-06: The Judas Protocol David Wu Sep-2006
SPY6-05: Peace of Mind Steve Crow Aug-2006
SPY6-04: Double Tap David Wu Jul-2006
SPY6-03: Robbing Peter AngusChan Jun-2006
SPY6-02: Running for Whose Life? Megan Robertson
SPY6-01: Triple Play David Wu
Archive 6 Name Rating Character Played Author(s) Release Dates
SPA6-05: Revolution Steve Crow (retired)
SPA6-04: 840 Down Megan C. Robertson (retired)
SPA6-03: Ferret Hunters Andy and Jeny MacPhee (retired)
SPA6-02: Orbital Evil Steve Crow (retired)
SPA6-01: Divinity Thieves Megan Robertson (retired)
Archive 5
SPA5-05: Proving Ground Jeny MacPhee (retired)
SPA5-04: Operation: Snow Pigeon Liam Watts (retired)
SPA5-03: Nest Charles Etheridge-Nunn (retired)
SPA5-02: Remember Remember Andy MacPhee (retired)
SPA5-01: Poisoning the Well Charles Etheridge-Nunn (retired)
Archive 4
SPA4-05: The Yellow Submarine Andy MacPhee (retired)
SPA4-04: Empty Houses Charles Etheridge-Nunn (retired)
SPA4-03: Fire From The Ice Megan Robertson (retired)
SPA4-02: Lockdown Steve Crow (retired)
SPA4-01: Facing Facts Dave McAlister (retired)
Archive 3
SPA3-05: Winter of Discontent Megan Robertson (retired)
SPA3-04: Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight Arne Reuter (retired)
SPA3-03: The Maltese Experiment Andy and Jeny MacPhee (retired)
SPA3-02: The Herilian Agenda Robert J. Defendi (retired)
SPA3-01: Fashion Victim Christophe Mouchel (retired)
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