SMP6-02-03: Jungle Fever

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SMP6-02-03 - Jungle Fever

By: Ian MacDougall
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Release Schedule: 10-Apr-2007
Scenario Rating: [3.56]
(3 reviews, design: [3.33] balance: [3.33] recommend: [4.00])
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(Caliber III): When a man stumbles out of the Amazon Rainforest, says the name of a former Soviet chemical weapons scientist, then dies from an unknown chemical agent, UNITAS must act quickly to deal with the threat. But more than the scientist awaits the agents as they must face guerrillas, the elements, a carefully guarded fortress, deadly chemical weapons, and the jungle itself. (Setting: Spycraft, Campaign Qualities: Corrupt, Bottomless Clip)

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