SMP6-03-02: A Routine Operation

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SMP6-03-02 - A Routine Operation

By: Shawn Carman
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Scenario Rating: [2.67]
(1 reviews, design: [2.00] balance: [3.00] recommend: [3.00])
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All Spycraft 1.0 Missions without a 2.0 conversion are retired from play. There is a special Mission Pack in place for the community to assist in converting Spycraft 1.0 Missions for new 2.0 play.

(Caliber II) It starts as a simple op - record a transaction between a common thief and a low-profile broker. But when's it ever that easy? Find out what happens when an Agency mission goes all too horribly wrong. (Campaign qualities: Blockbuster, subtle)

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