SPA3-03: The Maltese Experiment

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SPA3-03 - The Maltese Experiment (Retired)

By: Andy and Jeny MacPhee
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Retired: 25-Nov-2006
Scenario Rating: [3.83]
(2 reviews, design: [3.50] balance: [4.00] recommend: [4.00])
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All Spycraft 1.0 Missions without a 2.0 conversion are retired from play. There is a special Mission Pack in place for the community to assist in converting Spycraft 1.0 Missions for new 2.0 play.

(Caliber II) Since an incident in the Scottish Highlands (The Beast of Dunvegan), the Agencys been aware of a new global terrorist organization: W.A.R.D (the World Alliance for Regional Domination), but tracking down their agents and learning their agenda has proved difficult. Now, luck swings closer to home as a high-ranking WARD agent decides to defect. The agents are sent to Malta to retrieve her and thats where the real fun begins This serial is Part 2 of the "WARD Off Evil" mini-series, but may be run independently without modification. (Campaign Qualities: Tense, virtuous)

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