SPA3-04: Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight

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SPA3-04 - Where the Lion Sleeps Tonight (Retired)

By: Arne Reuter
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Retired: 25-Nov-2006
Scenario Rating: None
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All Spycraft 1.0 Missions without a 2.0 conversion are retired from play. There is a special Mission Pack in place for the community to assist in converting Spycraft 1.0 Missions for new 2.0 play.

(Levels 1, 6, 11, 16; Code: Yellow, Time: 4-6 hours) An ambassadors daughter has been kidnapped in the small African nation of Namibia and the agents are sent in to retrieve her before the area sparks into open warfare. What dangers lurk in the farthest reaches of the Dark Continent, who is behind the kidnapping, and what do they hope to gain? What happens when a superspy finds himself a fish out of water? Find out in this unique Living Spycraft experience that takes your agents to the very edge of civilization, and beyond!

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