SPA4-03: Fire From The Ice

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SPA4-03 - Fire From The Ice (Retired)

By: Megan Robertson
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Retired: 25-Nov-2006
Scenario Rating: [2.33]
(1 reviews, design: [2.00] balance: [3.00] recommend: [2.00])
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All Spycraft 1.0 Missions without a 2.0 conversion are retired from play. There is a special Mission Pack in place for the community to assist in converting Spycraft 1.0 Missions for new 2.0 play.

(Levels 3, 8, 13, and 18, Code: Yellow, Time: 5-6 hours) A known terrorist the Agency has been tracking for months has been spotted in Iceland and the agents are tasked with profiling his associates and actions. They soon discover leads to something called "Banefire" and an awful plot in Reykjavik and that theyre not the only ones onto their target

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