SPA4-04: Empty Houses

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SPA4-04 - Empty Houses (Retired)

By: Charles Etheridge-Nunn
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Retired: 25-Nov-2006
Scenario Rating: [2.67]
(1 reviews, design: [2.00] balance: [3.00] recommend: [3.00])
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All Spycraft 1.0 Missions without a 2.0 conversion are retired from play. There is a special Mission Pack in place for the community to assist in converting Spycraft 1.0 Missions for new 2.0 play.

(Levels 3, 8, 13, and 18, Code: Yellow, Time: 4-5 hours) In England and Wales, whole towns and villages are missing, only to appear on the south coast, believing theyre migratory birds. The agents are tasked with investigating this bizarre mystery, and halting the looming threat beyond. This serial is Part 1 of the "Criminal Migration" mini-series, but may be run independently without modification.

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