SPY6-02: Running for Whose Life?

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SPY6-02 - Running for Whose Life?

By: Megan Robertson
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Scenario Rating: [3.07]
(5 reviews, design: [2.60] balance: [3.40] recommend: [3.20])
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(Caliber II): Secret plans are stolen from UNITAS, and the team is dispatched to track them down. When the plans go up on the Internet for sale the agents have no trouble tracking the culprit down, but when he heads to Pamplona for the Sanfermines festival and the "running of the bulls" the agents will have to contend with one more obstacle to get to the elusive theif: a one-ton obstacle with sharp horns and a bad attitude... (Campaign Qualities: None)

This is a Living Spycraft Converted Mission. Please follow Conversion rules set forth in the MRD.

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SPY6-02 Running for Whose Life?

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