SPY6-04: Double Tap

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SPY6-04 - Double Tap

By: David Wu
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Premiere Event:Gamex 2006, JublaCon 2006
Release Schedule: 01-Jul-2006
Scenario Rating: [4.27]
(5 reviews, design: [4.60] balance: [3.80] recommend: [4.40])
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Downloads: 373

(Caliber III): The agents are tasked to recover a briefcase, contents unknown but they may have something to do with the current owner's phenomenal success at the poker table. Oh, and the last UNITAS agent to look for it has gone missing: captured or gone rogue? Find him, find out. (Campaign Quality: Blockbuster).

This is a Living Spycraft Converted Mission. Please follow Conversion rules set forth in the MRD.

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SPY6-04 Double Tap

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