SPY6-06: The Judas Protocol

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SPY6-06 - The Judas Protocol

By: David Wu
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Release Schedule: 01-Sep-2006
Scenario Rating: [4.07]
(5 reviews, design: [4.00] balance: [3.80] recommend: [4.40])
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(Caliber IV) When a Krypt deep cover operative surfaces with outdated recognition codes, and warning of impending Iranian breakthroughs in nuclear technology, UNITAS preps a team to deal with the threat. In the Great Game, betrayal of one's country for the greater good is not only standard procedure, but also a standard justification. Some refer to it as The Judas Protocol. (Campaign Qualities: Bottomless Clip, Violent)

This is a Living Spycraft Converted Mission. Please follow Conversion rules set forth in the MRD.

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