SPY6-07: Dr. M

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SPY6-07 - Dr. M

By: Andreas Zimmermann
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Premiere Event:Archon
Release Schedule: Convention: 01-Oct-2006; Game Day / Retail / Home Play: 01-Nov-2006
Scenario Rating: [2.58]
(8 reviews, design: [2.12] balance: [2.88] recommend: [2.75])
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Note: Updated Scenario available for download

The Cold War may be over, but there are those who wish the outcome were different. UNITAS discovers that someone isn't content with the current world situation and the Canadian Arctic has clues to the person's identity. Do you have what it takes to stop a madman's plot to rekindle the flames of the Cold War?

This is a Living Spycraft Converted Mission. Please follow Conversion rules set forth in the MRD.

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