SPY7-03: A Dish Best Served Cold

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SPY7-03 - A Dish Best Served Cold

By: freelancer76
SAGE Level: 1 -- ALPHA
Release Schedule: Convention: 01-Apr-2007; Retail: 01-May-2007; Game Day / Home Play: 01-Jun-2007
Scenario Rating: [3.22]
(3 reviews, design: [2.33] balance: [3.67] recommend: [3.67])
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UNITAS was supposed to be the ultimate intelligence agency, working at the direction of the world community and dedicated to providing world stability. But what if the enemy was the global community itself? Project Deadline hopes to correct the situation, working in secrecy with terribly limited resources. This is the first mission dealing with the revelations of Robbing Peter, but may be played independently. (Caliber II; Mission Tags: Covert, Wetwork, Technology)

This is a Living Spycraft Converted Mission. Please follow Conversion rules set forth in the MRD.

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