Character: Blackjack

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Blackjack (Male)
Ops Style: Jack of All Trades
Classes: Snoop
Organizations: Secret Intelligence Service [Field Agent]
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Thiago Fianna

A charming and smart agent, Blackjack is know for his troublemaking/troubleshooting nature, and his foundness in blended whysky and mysterious woman (both ally and enemy agents included - most notable being Sable and Iconoclasta).

Recruited to MI6 by a Teacher at Cambridge for his brightness, strong will and charm, Blackjack soon found himself as a field agent. Loyal to his fellow and to his cause, Blackjack discovered respect and real friendship from his teammates in the Great Game.

Notable Quotes:
"In the end, intel gathering is all about being smart, reliable, creative and discreet. So, it's all about me."
"Black ops and Blackjack are the same: You have to know when to stand, to hit or to surrender."

Notable Deeds:
Fought a bull in Pamplona
Saved the U.K. Prime Minister and U.S. President
Dismanteled a IRA Cell in London
Helped Magi and Firefox
Defeated Tranquility Six

Organization Detail:

Secret Intelligence Service
Rank:Field Agent
Home Location:Vauxhall Cross, London

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