Character: Shtirlitz

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Shtirlitz (Male)
Ops Style: Kung Fu Master
Classes: Soldier
Organizations: CORE
Deaths: none (yet)
Player: Michael Shvartsman

Shtirlitz is a few inches over six feet tall and built in a way that makes it hard to realize how large he truly is. There are no obviously bulging muscles, no veins standing out, no greek-god-like definition - which brings much initial surprise to those who see him working in the field. His build in many senses serves as a metaphor of his way of action - no show, all action and efficiency. His clean-shaven face and head make it difficult to assess his age, but few would place it below 30 and the graying stubble that appears on his face a few days into a mission pushes the estimate higher. Almost without fail he arrives at mission briefings in simple slacks and a mock turtleneck (of all things), with an ever-present cup of strong tea in his hand.

Shtirlitz has been around the block quite a few times. From an early career in the Soviet military, to the KGB and then the FSB, he was eventually loaned to U.N.I.T.E on a semi-permanent basis. Following some orders from his Russian controls that contradicted his orders from U.N.I.T.E, he is now trying to work with agent Ascot to become affiliated with Her Majesty's Secret Service though the process is not yet complete.

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